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At all  gatherings you will have the opportunity to meet the elite members of ORBIS, unravel their stories and discover their secrets. They will welcome you and make you feel right at home in the midst of other likeminded adventurers. Find your way into uncovering secrets and hidden areas and you will get to enjoy all the privileges that arise with it. Throughout all gatherings you will even be able to progress within the hierarchy of ORBIS and work yourself towards becoming a full member of the inner circle. At ORBIS you will not only discover secrets about their stories but you will also get to know a different part of yourself you never knew you had hidden within. Imagination brings out the good in people and ignites the flow of positive energy which acts as the glue which brings everybody together.

Part I: The Story Unrevealed

Let us tell you the story of “La Familia”… A family gifted with the right genes for entrepreneurship on the highest level. Centuries ago La Familia started to spread its wisdom throughout the global business world in all sorts of area’s. Over time their business grew and influence even more with it. People learned from their wisdom, admired their methods and looked up to them. Especially for the way they put attention in personal relations with the people the encountered. They learned from the experiences of others and many learned from their stories too!

But as they grew more and more they had to think of an efficient way to keep up to this reputation which meant everything to them.

So….they started to organize extravagant gatherings to accommodate their business partners and elite social relations and called these “Domus Consilium” which meant the “Gathering of The House”. The main goal was to bring joy and happiness to all their guests, create new relations between them and uphold established connections.

The “Domus Consilium” became so popular that beside the many business relationships, also numerous of love relationships emerged and the boundaries between business and pleasure faded completely. Many who were first business associates married into the family which made “La Familia” grow even further until at some point the family chose to go underground to maintain their dignity and avoid becoming too influential and be disrespected by people trying to be close to the family for the wrong reasons.

After that nobody ever knew who really was part of the true “La Family” and you never knew when they would show up, which they hardly ever did anymore. Only the stories of their extravagance lifestyle and business methods remained with their secrets to be discovered by the righteous guests visiting the “Domus Consilium”. Over time an inner circle was formed surrounding the original family which was referred to as the “Orbis La Familia” a secret society formed to spread joy, love and happiness to the world. That is how the name “ORBIS” came to be known as the new name for the gatherings!

The tradition of the “ORBIS” was never to be ended since they had become the symbol for joy, love, friendship and prosperity to all of the attendees. Until his day they were held in secrecy for years to protect the Families interests and avoid unwanted guests to ruin the magic of the “ORBIS”. But now the modern descendants of the original “La Familia” have decided that the effect of bringing people together, that the “ORBIS” has on people, was so powerful that it should be shared again in a modern day manner.

Techmate, Beach Theatre, Scheveningen

Part II: The Tale Of Aunt Roberta's Sister

“The travelers” have been traveling the world for years now and many went before them. They travel the world to share tasting experiences to important, exciting and special people they encounter around the globe.

They do so on behalf of many of the greatest brands who collectively want the couple to share their experiences with them and give them feedback which helps them to keep their brands exciting and refreshing.

Over the decades that brands have been letting their “travelers” gather information for them like this, they have become somewhat superstitious too. They have came to believe that they bring luck and fortune for the brands prosperity as long as they keep traveling on their behalf. They provide information and describe the needs of people to make their brands even more unifying. Therefore the brands, collectively, make sure they always keep making trips several times a year at least.

The travelers all had their own reasons for choosing this lifestyle. Some did it for the incredible social network you build across the globe, others because they simply love the party life. The experience of exploring flavors has a very bonding effect on many creative minds either way. It opens up all senses and a stronger sensation of feeling emotions. Because of that, meaningful friendships emerged from these intercultural encounters. 

In the process of exploring taste sensations, the mixing of flavours became a bigger and more meaningful trend all throughout the world. Cocktails might seem like nothing more than just beverages mixed together for the average consumer. But nothing is further from the truth. A perfect cocktail represents the ultimate balance between different flavours and elements coming together in perfect harmony.  Many of the brands they represent are mixed together in certain famous cocktails and together create even more powerful taste sensations combined.

What makes the meaning of cocktails even more interesting is that each and every one has a unique story behind them. One more outrages then the other. During one of their journeys they came upon the story of “Aunt Roberta”.  This story represents a myth about what is supposed to be the most lethal cocktail known to man. What makes this cocktail so unique, is that unlike most cocktails that consist of the elements “Alcohol, Sweet, Bitter & Sour”, this cocktail consists of alcoholic spirits only. It is called to stand for a “cry for help”. It supposedly taste quite delicious but nevertheless, the myth, goes that it will take several years of your life if you would dare to taste this.

The story behind it is just as heart wrenching as the drink itself.

“The Aunt Roberta was invented in the late 1800’s by an Alabama woman known today only as Aunt Roberta. Little is known about Roberta except that she was the mulatto daughter of a slave owner who fled an abusive home life and alcoholic father at the tender age of 11. Early on, she made her living picking cotton, and was nomadic for much of her early life.

She worked as a prostitute before her bootleg shack, where she began her career in the alcoholic beverage business by selling drinks made of homemade gin and moonshine. Most of the patrons of her establishment were homeless people, and rumour has it that 34 people have died over the two years she sold her homemade concoction.”

The thought, about a cocktail that could actually cause so much sadness and even take away years of your life, fascinated the travellers incredibly. It got them to talk to many people about this story, who all had different ideas about what this outrages story meant. Since finding the perfect balance in cocktails is the main goal of every flavour designer, the travellers, as many, became strong believers of the Yin-Yang philosophies. This meant that for every “good” there has to be a “bad” and visa versa, upholding a natural balance in life.

At some point they realized that according to the rules of this mind-set, to even out the idea of a cocktail that would cost you years of your life, there has to be some sort of divine cocktail out there that holds the ingredient to actually extend your life and bring you ultimate happiness instead of the sadness that could await you after trying the original “Aunt Roberta”.

After this moment of realisation and speaking to more people who shared their ideas they found this to have become their ultimate quest to travel the world to discover this divine incredible mixture of flavours to which they started to refer to as “Aunt Roberta’s sister” since there was simply no name for it yet. As the original is to taste like evil it is said that this other half should taste like taking in life and love in its purest form. After you would drink it, you would feel what true happiness feels like and this would last on for as long as you would be able to hold thought. Only the most righteous who deserve to receive such powerful glory would be able to truly taste the flavours to its full extend and really experience its power. 

The travellers are above all members of ORBIS, meaning that no matter what, they will always live according to the life-laws that the founding of the family have set out as guidance in life. According to the rules and laws everything discovered or possessed by any member of ORBIS, that could potentially spread joy and happiness, is to be shared with the people at all times. Unfortunately as in every family or collective…not everybody always stands behind the rules and laws. Sometimes they won’t even follow them as they are so strictly expected to do.

Supposedly the rumour goes that the ingredients and “Aunt Roberta’s sister” has been discovered to be very real and found by the travellers on their recent travels. But it has been kept a secret and nobody knows exactly who possesses at this time and what happened to it. After an encrypted message was send out to the family about what is going on, one of the families most trusted enforcers “Dante” has travelled to Amsterdam to join the traveller’s private gatherings to figure out what is going on and who knows what exactly. He’s on a mission to resolve the situation but could well need the help of some trustworthy objective guests.