An interactive and immersive
theatrical music experience


This is orbis!

When music, a theatrical performance and an interactive "Real Life Experience" all come together to form something intriguing!

Step into a World of Mystery

ORBIS is an interactive and immersive experience where you become the main character. Dive into the legacy of a mysterious family that began grand gatherings, which over time, transformed into the ORBIS syndicate. As time went on, the identities of the original family members became a well-guarded secret. Today, every ORBIS member is held in high regard, as any one of them could be from the original family. The family’s rich history, wrapped in mystery, now welcomes you. They invite you to join their world and become part of their ongoing story. With ORBIS, you’re not just observing; you’re actively participating in the narrative.

How the Story Unravelled

The first whispers of ORBIS reached the public during events at iconic locations like the “Muntgebouw” in Utrecht and the luxurious “Hotel TwentySeven” in Amsterdam. These gatherings were more than just festive events; they were immersive experiences where attendees got to meet the enigmatic members of the ORBIS inner circle for the first time.

Private Experience "The Hostage"

Add a layer of suspense and intrigue to a private dinner. As the evening progresses, a storyline unfolds between courses, challenging guests to solve the mystery and make choices that will shape the outcome.

"Dinner Train" Experience

All aboard for a culinary journey like no other. Combine the luxury of high-end dining with the unique experience of traveling on a train while dining. This moving tale of intrigue and elegance is open for both individuals and private (corporate) bookings, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Festive Music Experiences

Step into a full ORBIS gathering, where the distinction between guest and character fades. As the music sets the mood, characters from the ORBIS inner circle move among the guests, offering opportunities for interaction, the potential discovery of secret areas, and the unveiling of more secrets and narratives.

Orbis Experiences

Where will you experience “ORBIS”?

ORBIS gatherings always take place at unique locations, usually where you would expect no such events to take place. The family, of course, have direct working relations with many unique locations which fit their extravagant traditional roaring 20’s style.

ORBIS could however also appear at a festival or other events where visitors can experience a special story that fits the background theme and atmosphere of the event. Each event of ORBIS will always tell a brand new story and will be a totally new experience for the guests to endeavour into.

An ORBIS event can emerge in many different ways as the story never ends and because of the wide variety of members, the stories can occur anywhere and in all sorts of ways

Can you feel the atmosphere?

At ORBIS you will always get to enjoy a dynamic variety of atmospherical and melodic House & Techno brought to you by a refreshing lineup of artists. 

As a guest you can spend your night discovering all corners of the dance floor or totally immerse yourself into the story and truly experience ORBIS to its full extend. Either way, you will experience a music event like never before.

"What an experience! We were welcomed by the ORBIS members so warmly. We entered with the sparkle of excitement in our eyes and left with a radiant smile from ear to ear. We already feel like part of the family!"

Join The INNER CIRCLE OF "ORBIS" yourself