An interactive and immersive
theatrical music experience

Orbis 2022

When music, a theatrical performance and an interactive "Real Life Experience" all come together to form something very new!

Hosted by 50:HERTZ on behalf of "The Family".

ORBIS is a new, interactive and immersive music experience hosted by 50:HERTZ with their main audio visual partner Vision Acoustics, on behalf of “The Family”. Delve into the story of the mysterious family and their elite inner circle. Emerge into a unique unifying setting and possibly even become a characteristic ORBIS member yourself.

 Rumour has it that they have hosted extravagant social gatherings referred to as “ORBIS” for decades. These were always held in complete secrecy…until now! The family feels that the time has now come to bring a new generation together within their sense of unity. The decision has been made for ORBIS to come out of the shadows and have invite select guests to attend their gatherings, and potentially join their illusive inner circle. 

The very first edition of Part I: “The Story Unrevealed” was held at the iconic “Muntgebouw” in Utrecht and at “Beach Theatre” in Scheveningen in 2019. People came together to meet the characteristic members for the very first time. 

Part II “The story of Roberta’s Sister” took place later that year, spread over three nights during the Amsterdam Dance Event week at the beautiful 5-star Hotel TwentySeven. Over 500 visitors were invited to the terrace of two luxurious suites of the hotel, with spectacular views of the city below. The guests all came dressed according to the family’s preferred traditional roaring 20’s style. This resulted in a unique shared atmosphere. By putting their heads together they unravelled  a story full of symbolic hidden secrets whilst enjoying a deep atmospherical house and techno music experience.

Sign up at the bottom of this page to join the inner circle yourself  to be notified of future gatherings. Receive special fragments and secrets and get to know more about the family and the ORBIS members! 

Orbis Experiences

Where will you experience “ORBIS”?

ORBIS gatherings always take place at unique locations, usually where you would expect no such events to take place. The family, of course, have direct working relations with many unique locations which fit their extravagant traditional roaring 20’s style.

ORBIS could however also appear at a festival or other events where visitors can experience a special story that fits the background theme and atmosphere of the event. Each event of ORBIS will always tell a brand new story and will be a totally new experience for the guests to endeavour into.

An ORBIS event can emerge in many different ways as the story never ends and because of the wide variety of members, the stories can occur anywhere and in all sorts of ways

Can you feel the atmosphere?

At ORBIS you will always get to enjoy a dynamic variety of atmospherical and melodic House & Techno brought to you by a refreshing lineup of artists. 

As a guest you can spend your night discovering all corners of the dance floor or totally immerse yourself into the story and truly experience ORBIS to its full extend. Either way, you will experience a music event like never before.

"What an experience! We were welcomed by the ORBIS members so warmly. We entered with the sparkle of excitement in our eyes and left with a radiant smile from ear to ear. We already feel like part of the family!"

Pascal de Roo
Visited ORBIS: "The Story Of Aunt Roberta's Sister"
at Hotel TwentySeven, Amsterdam

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