A brand new interactive and immersive
theatrical music experience



Let your audience experience your story in a unique way
The story of ORBIS, the family and its members can bring any corporate event to life in a new interactive way. Besides the story of ORBIS itself, we can also put our formula to good use to create a completely custom made experience to fit your event to perfection.

By using our professional actors to bring across a certain message as a unique character, your target audience can be approached in a completely refreshing way. The interaction will be more intens and efficient then when the message is delivered in a more passive manner. The recipient is drawn into an experience and is subconsciously persuaded to participate to the full extend. Furthermore a direct response is provoked which will show immediately if the message has been perceived as intended.

Our Actors “The most interactive hosting team your event ever had”
All of our actors have a wide experience with professional film/TV productions and theatre productions. Besides that they have an explicit experience as  improvisation actors which make all the difference. It does so, because this means that they can act towards an audience who are are not actors themselves. A regular actor will need a proper contemplated script through-which the intended plot can be practiced before the performance which would limit the possibilities tremendously. Our actors know how to draw these receivers of their performance into an experience and really get them to participate in return. By using a certain main guideline and mission they will mostly improvise since the receiver will of course not respond from a script but completely out of their own imagination. 

Besides the unique experience as improvisation actors there is another important reason why our creative proces can work efficient and straight forward. The key feature that makes choosing to work with our team so trustworthy is that our actors have been working together for years. Therefore an instinctive synergy has been formed within the team. Everybody knows what to expect from each other at all times. We write all our formats according to the key features that each actor has to offer. Within our selection of actors we have a wide variety of personalities, meaning we can assure that we will be able to match the right actors to the right project at all times. 

Besides playing their part in the unique “Real Life Experience”, our team of professional actors can also cover a lot of other work within your event. For instance, they can be the most interactive hosts and hostesses you ever had. They can take hosting to a whole other level and offer your event so much more.

The endless possibilities of a “Real Life Experience”
The possibilities are basically endless. Creating a “Real Life Experience” can be done for any kind of event or target audience. From staff events to any kind of marketing experience targeted directed at the  customer.

For each occasion or any purpose, a custom made “Real Life Experience” can be created to make your intended interaction more efficient and valuable to your company than you could have ever imagined!

Orbis All-in Services

Complete package for your event.


We can basically supply all necessary entertainment and logistic services required to realise all the experiences we can imagine. We have directors, writers, game designers, DJ's, singers, lightjockeys, sound engineers, stylists and all sort of other creative artists within our team.


Our 50:HERTZ artist can provide DJ performances of the highest level. Their speciality is variety of Deephouse, Techhouse and atmospherical (Melodic) Techno. Besides that several of artists also have an exceptional experience as allround DJ's who can adjust to any event and audience.

Audio / Visual Experience

We e can arrange a unique Audio / Visual experience from the highest level provided by Vision Acoustics. This brand has reinvented the expression of sound and together we can also deliver a unique Lighting design to set the perfect mood in every venue.

Special Experiences

Besides supplying unique interactions by our actors we are also able to look even further than that. We have dancers, cocktailshakers, art designers and even magicians within our close network to supply any thinkable experience.


We have several preferred suppliers who can create the most extraordinary decorations imaginable to fit events of any sort and style.


The standard clothing style of ORBIS itself is best described as roaring 20's or "Peaky Blinders" style. We have stylists within out team with the capabilities to supply our actors and guests of outfits if needed. For any custom made event we will be able to supply all sorts of outfits to fit the event the best way possible.